1 05, 2021

Make Albion Great Again

Today, I've released Make Albion Great Again a folk horror album. It's basically a collection of modern folk horror tales set to uneasy sounds. All the words and speaking are done by my good friend Svetlana Smith. You can go follow her on her medium profile.

If you go and buy the album from Bandcamp you'll get a couple of extra tracks and an ebook of all of Svetlana's stories. So go have fun.

I'm working on some merch for this release and setting up a shop. Await the announcement.
24 03, 2021

A tour of Brian Eno’s studio (and brain)

I can’t tell you how important Brian Eno has been to my creativity and my creative attitude. Here’s a video that ought to help explain how.

4 03, 2021

Annual Playlist 2020

I've been making annual playlists for some years now and now my 2020 playlist is up and ready to listen to on Spotify.

109 songs discovered, re-discovered and listened to this year. Includes: Zola Jesus, Wolfgang Gartner, David Bowie, Tool, Duma, Sturgill Simpson and Lizzo.

Go check it out and let me know what you think.