AV Linux

Well, AV Linux looks amazing. Has a great Manual too.

Has a great features set:

  • Originates from 32bit and 64bit snapshots of the MX Linux Distribution.
  • Includes all of the excellent MX-Tools and Utilities.
  • Custom Realtime Preempt Kernel for optimal low-latency Audio potential.
  • CPU governed for performance by default.
  • Many extra tweaks for performance.
  • Included Realtime Configuration Quick Scan.
  • Some special custom packaging not found in default Repositories.
  • Fast and Light XFCE4 Desktop Environment with attractive customizations.
  • falkTX’s KXStudio Repositories for up to date Audio Applications.
  • Extensive Audio/Video and Administrator-friendly Custom Actions.
  • Seamless JACK Audio/MIDI environment with PulseAudio Integration.
  • Robust Environment for developers: Compilers, GIT, SVN, BZR, tools and development libs.
  • Many included dependency libs for self-compiling the featured Programs.
  • A unique selection of Commercial Demos (Can be removed with one click).